Tuesday, 21 August 2012

New instructor at the Photographer's Lounge, Deb Sandidge

The Photographer's Lounge has been blessed with many talented instructors willing to share their photographic and post processing talent with our students and friends.

Our latest friend, Deborah Sandidge, is a travel/freelance professional photographer who enjoys sharing her insight and creative ideas through writing, workshops, teaching, and seminars around the world. She is the author of Digital Infrared Photography, published by Wiley. As an instructor at BetterPhoto.com, Deborah teaches Enhancing Images and Creating Works of Art, as well as Digital Infrared Photography

Deborah's style of creating dramatic story-telling imagery reflects in her travels, and interaction with the people she meets. Deborah's views her "favorite" subjects as ever changing, which she loves. Today it may be contemporary cityscapes at twilight, tomorrow it could be traditional landscapes, or astrophotography. Deborah believes that every photographer's unique perspective and style makes each photograph distinctively different. Photography is Deborah's passion.


Travel Photography: Her passion is being able to respond to various shooting environments to create unique and compelling images. She strives to capture a depth of feeling about a location through  street photography, people photography, landscapes, cityscapes, and at the same time, inspire students and fellow photographers to do the same.

Low Light and Night Photography: After the sun goes down, many photographers pack up their gear and leave. However, Deb feel landscapes, cityscapes, and nightscapes often look the most dramatic and beautiful during twilight and night. She enjoys sharing with photographers the tips and techniques for setting camera's for optimal depth of field, shutter speed, and white balance in order to capture the beauty of nightscapes.

Creative Capture and Image Post Processing:  Her goal is create unique story-telling imagery through techniques in-camera, and through post processing, and assist students to recognize not only the technical aspects of making a great picture, but the importance of the artistic component, the soul of a picture as well. Her expertise also includes HDR (High Dynamic Range Imagery) and also infrared photography.

Please join me in welcoming Deb to our family.

To see some of Deb's work visit www.deborahsandidge.com

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